Why Me

When I stared year 11 I was relatively happy. I had a few friends and 9 months till my exams and then suddenly my friends left me. We has the most ridiculous argument about me not doing anything in PE ( I can't play sport for **** and I hate it). I ended up walking around school on my own a breaks. My mate then told me to hang around with him but he got a girlfriend and them I realised that I was just a 3rd wheel. I have ended up walking around on my own for 5 months now and i hate it, myself, anything and everything. Girls laugh at me when I walk by and I get random abuse from people in other years I have never spoken to before. I get called weirdo, retard and **** muncher to name a few. All I want to do is grab the next ******* that says crap about me and break their nose. Sometimes I think about just walking out of school and jumping off a bridge and ending all of this pain and misery. Who would care? I can imagine my form being told that I had killed myself and just getting on with their pointless coversations after 5 minutes. Why me? Why do I have to be the only one there feeling this way?
Tomletts Tomletts
1 Response May 9, 2012

if you kill yourself, everybody will just say "poor you, poor you" then they will just laugh at your back! dont let them do that to you, sometimes you dont need someone's help to fight for you, sometimes you have to stand up on your own and fight even if you loose! there is difference between loosing in fighting and loosing without fighting...you have to learn to kick their balls!