I Mess Up Everything.

21 years old. Half my family won't talk to me. I got kicked out of the number one school in the nation. I got kicked out of the army. I messed up 3 engagements. And who can blame them for leaving me. I'm a wreck. It's amazing my husband hasn't left me yet. I'm worthless. I bring nothing to the table. Ugly. Fat. Messy. A terrible cook. Terrible at cleaning. The only thing good that I have done is my beautiful baby boy. The only thing that really scares me is that he will grow up and end up being messed up like me and it will be all my fault, just like everything else.
FireCrystal FireCrystal
1 Response May 9, 2012

Wow ! You're being way to hard on yourself ! If you have a computer (you must to be here ) look up the food chanel for recipes . Cleaning up is easy just move around and pick things up . Take care of that baby . He is watching and listening to you and your husband . Take care of yourself . Maybe a nice big glass of cold milk would help .