I Hate How...

I hate the way I look. I hate how I push away everyone that I want to keep closer. I hate that the guy I am dating never talks to me, ignores me. How my best friend is a selfish ***** who takes any chance to tell me that my relationship will never work out. I hate how she looks at my boyfriend and how he talks to her but not me. I hate how I can feel so alone in a bus full of people, surrounded by a group of friends. I hate how my voice is never heard. I hate how I have no social skills whatsoever, how talking to new people is the scariest thing in the world. I hate myself. I hate how I am up at night fighting to keep my relationships alive. I hate how I chicken out of everything, how no one loves me. How my birthparents abandoned me, and now everyone else is too. I hate not knowing why people abandon me. I hate feeling alone when I know i shouldn't.
fighterwolf5 fighterwolf5
18-21, F
May 9, 2012