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I hate myself. I hate what I am now, I hate what I have become. I hate the fact that I feel like this, and I can't do anything about it. I have atopic dermatitis, and its killing me. Its a skin condition I have been living with for 15 years now. Because of this, I have low self esteem, I think I'm ugly, I feel unloved and unwanted. I was isolated when I was a child, people thought it was contagious. I was ridiculed, humiliated, and I had to endure it for 6 years. I'm still stuck with it now; its a chronic disease. I cry myself to sleep at night sometimes, wondering why I have this disease, and also wondering why I never get better. Thanks to this, I feel helpless.
macabreprincess macabreprincess
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True wecan feel that way, each think there something ugly about themselves , maybe all thingz cant be fix. We can fix our perspective of how we view the situation. Does this show the real u, ur personality, ur goals, ur accomplishment. Or is this just a part of u n not all of u. Withi u lay true beauty that others will see beyond the physical appearance. I always like movie beauty n beast only those who care n love all despite ones physical appearance show kind of person they truely are. These are ones u want around who make shine bright as a star. God love u despite the miss functions on the genes. Ur beauty n we love u. Show the beauty u posses n u will see beyond the mirrow of shatted glass. Look positive, think positive. Be u not a shell in a body

never feel bad and you know the more you cry it will affect your well being just find answer and avoid things that will cause this problems multiply just visit dermatologist and im sure answer will be given to you and right medications too.

Macabreprincess everyone in this world has some problems.<br />
I tell about myself I have depression from last five years and having a stomach disease called frm last two years.I have the same sitiuation as yours. With respect from Navid