I Have No Confinence And I Hate My Self!

i've just turned 15......and most of my life i have been bigger than alot of other kids, but not that much. i'm not massively over weight, but i do have a few extra rolls of flubber which give me a really bad figure. When i look in the mirror i get so upset because all my friends have flat tummys, but i don't. I'm size 14/16 in clothes, where as all my friends are like 8/10. I do alot of dancing, ballet particularly. and i never fit into the costumes, and it's so embarrassing. I feel self conscious in my school uniform and in my PE kit.because last year i was bullied by to really slim pretty girls. about my weight and hair but that's all sorted now and we get on. But i am still larger than most people. Also, i hate my hair, i have a horrid colour of hair which is in between brown and blonde, i think it just looks greasy. But my parents wont let me dye it lighter blonde (or bleach it) because they think it's bad for your hair and i'm too young.
My hair is also really thick, and just makes me look even fatter. As well as all this, i think i'm really ugly. i wear glasses and people have told me i look ugly and geeky. but i can't wear contacts because my eyes are too bad for contacts. and just to top it all off, i have red, blotchy and sensitive skin, so i;m allergic to self tan, and have no confidence in showing off my body. Also alot of people say i smell, but i don't know why cos i shower twice a day, and wear deodorant and clean clothes!! so basically i have no self confidence and literately spend my whole day breathing in, which then gives me tummy aches and is uncomfortable. if i tell my parents i think i'm fat they're always like "no you look fine" but i don't think i do.
I'm really jealous of all my friends that are slim, have nice hair and lots of money to but make-up, fake tan and nice size 10 clothes, but i can't do that! i always am depressed because of my weight and looks. but i can’t really talk to anyone as they all just say "you look fine" but i think they're just being nice.
SO any ideas on how i can gain confidence or loose weight easily?
Thanks for taking the time to read this

Jazz2903 Jazz2903
May 12, 2012