I'm Never Good Enough

I am blessed with so much, I have a nice home, good friends, a great family, but I lie to everyone. I starve myself, I binge then purge, I cut myself and lie about everything. I dont know how I ended up this way. I feel like in a way you are born with the anything emotionally or mentally wrong with you, but it just takes time to show itself. I didnt plan on things being like this for me. I just wish I could feel normal, but im not. I feel everything, by the end of the day im literally emotionally drained. I hae days where im hyper then days where im depressed. I am literally driving myself insane.
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6 Responses May 12, 2012

Emotion are like a rollercoaster, sometimes out of our control. There are professional we can seek to help us try steady these feelings. Maybe one in three people have it and admit it. Dont be afraid or ashamed. Sometimes genes, tyroid , thinking mess up, n we have them check see how they can me managed. Keep praying n seek help. Most important keep taking ur not alone in whats happening.

I just feel the same way. Normal but we do feel sometimes not, but people won't believe you for so many reasons! When emotion drives it really put us into our ends and drained us!

Thank you all so much! You guys are so sweet.

IMHO I would see your doctor and/or a psychologist. I saw both and was diagnosed manic depressive. Medication has helped balance out those extremes and I no longer have the desire to cut. You will make it. I managed to.

Sweet Heart! You are a beautiful young woman! Hang in there, trust me you will make it!<br />
<br />

Life is all about that What you are saying.<br />
I feel the same.<br />
Always hope for the best.