I Hate Myself? Yes

Every month I go to see a doctor.costs me a lot of money.
Everyday I wake up in the morning with depressed morning
Every morning gradma have 4 pills in her hand that I have to take.
I have to study all the subjects myself cuz I didnt attended any class at all Cuz I was ill and was admitted in a hospital for three months.
Every night I go to sleep and having thinking of good things to achieve in my life but at the morning these become the dreams.
If you ask me 'Navid You hate your self?
My answer will be 'Yes.
Nido1111 Nido1111
22-25, M
4 Responses May 12, 2012

I feel the same way.

Same here:/

Well you're doing something and that's advocating intelligence...
Things get worse before they get better, wish it was the opposite falsity but that is the true face of reality.

I don't know how that feels. I don't have that kind of disease. But I do know what pains feels like. Don't worry, Navid. Everything around you, everything you see now, this is not home yet. Home is with God's side. Hold on, He'll come to take us home.