My Outside Hides My Inside

Everyone always says oh you're so pretty . But I hate my self . I have alot of family problems and I live with my mom and siblings . My family is just messed up and We never get along . Im 17 and I work 5 days a week to help pay for things . I hate everything about myself , some people may say I have a nice body but I just hate it because everyone else looks better . Especially my best friend who is perfect . Sometimes I just wanna die . Nothing ever happens the way I want it to and I'm the worst daughter ever . I told my mom I hate everyone and don't wanna be in this family , that's only because I hate myself and if i wasn't here then maybe it would be easier on them . I never cry in front of people unless I cant help it . I cry almost every night in my room or anywhere I can be alone . I don't know what's wrong with me . People say they care .. But they really don't . My best friend doesn't even care anymore but she expects me to be there for her all the time and listen to all her boy drama that I don't give a **** about . I feel bad about everyone else because I ignore them because I just don't care about myself or care about anything .
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

I know EXACTLY how you feel....I'm the EXACT same way....if you ever need to talk..message me:)<br />
<br />
I wont cry in front of people either...I wait till I'm in the shower to fall apart....but its good too let it all out...or at least that's what I'm told lol

We all have problems These problems make us stronger.<br />
To be patient needs a bad friend.<br />
I am 22 I also have lots of problems<br />
Since last 2 years I have serious stomach disease and also battle depression on daily basis.<br />
There is not single night when I dont cry Maybe he will listen someday.