I Can't Do Anything Right

I try so hard to keep the ones I love happy but I end to making everyone around me miserable. I overreact to things, I can't control my anger, and I'm prone to fits of hysterical crying. I hate the way I feel and act when I get like that. It's like a grenade went off right next to me - my ears pound, my heart races, my body pumps adrenaline, and all I feel is nothing. It's like being hollow.

I wish I could let others know how I feel but when I try to talk about it they think I just have no self control.aybe they're right - I used to think I had good self control but lately I've just been feeling like what's the point. My family was never there for me and half of them are crazy also. I don't know what to do with this lump of hatred and sorrow inside me. I want it out.
Terrapins Terrapins
26-30, M
May 15, 2012