Never Good Enough...

No matter what I do or say to anyone in my life it's never good enough. I try my best and they look at me like I'm just stupid or lame or not as good as they are. I'm so tired of it all! I just want to disappear. I'm not even good enough to keep ones I have loved around from my parents to my ex fiance.. I wasn't good enough or pretty enough or thin enough or talented for them. I cry myself to sleep at night just wishing someone could think I was good enough, and in the morning I wish some freak accident from final destination would happen to me or I get cancer, sometimes I just want to punch through the mirror! I just want the pain to stop and nobody cares or think that I'm weak because I do. NO matter how hard I push myself or how many days without food or sleep I go working hard for someone, it doesn't matter to anyone. All they do is scrutinize everything I do and judge me for what I like or my religion or my clothes or that I'm not working hard enough... I'm so.. so tired of it all.
darkrose23 darkrose23
18-21, F
May 15, 2012