In Probation

I can't believe it but today I got called to the office for my grades. I'm in AP classes and I've been
chocking on some of my classes and to stay in that school you have to have a 76% of avg. To be honest
I didn't, really choose to be in that school I was happy at my other school,but I kind of didn't had a choice
since I got kicked out of it,but now I've been slacking off and if I get a lower grade than a 76 I'm going back
to my other school not my choice I would just be sent back and it's not an option. I would like to because I
already know everybody there and I liked it there, but then I think about it and decide I really don't want to
go. I'm just not sure what I want. Hope I try better and not slack off cause not only I'm going to be sent back
but I'm also going to disappoint my parents.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

Damnable I cant write good in this ipod. Its hard and I get my words mixed with other words that I don't mean to write.

I get what you mean there. But wow, that school must have an avg of 76%? One can go into university fine with 75%...<br />
I understands you because I was in an IB school for one year already, but I wasn't doing so great on Chinese so I had to transfer to another school which its program is Ontario. I started to slack off cause everything was different, my friends are not there anymore. Even if you go back, it's different, at least my friends are all taking their exams while I still need to take a summer course for my credits. Since I slack off, (btw, guilt and pressure kills here, so big hug for you :'[ ) I only have one university accepting me and still having difficulty reaching the 70 cut off range. <br />
<br />
All I got to say is, take a deep breath. There is no use going back anymore. However, in your case, since your other school is an easier choice, it seems alright to go back. But why don't you want to go back now? Do you feel it is not alright to go back? Is there anything bugging you?<br />
<br />
I really would love that you tell me more, I want to support each another! <br />
Btw, you seem younger than me, If it is not your last year of high school, changing to an easier course is definitely better. <br />
<br />
Just know that you are doing your best already.

The reason I don't want to go back is cause I'll start being mean again, I want to back to does steps, this school was articled that's why I cant do what I did there. Also I don't want to see my old friends or how I like to call them my-so-called-friends, they've turn their backs on me when we were gonna fight this group of girls 2 grades bigger than us. I have to admit I'm starting to like this school now and some people that are there specially this girl that also came from my other school,but we never talked there, I was a person that people wouldn't want to get close to for my attitude, but she is nice and I would like to keep contact with and the only way that works is school.