Ideas Please

i wish i could just abandon myself and try again as some one else. i feel like a shadow of my father, toured in a band when he was young and now owns a rather succsesful forestry buisiness and was a honor roll student. i on the other hand was low c grade consisantly and was diagnosed with add and placed in every special needs class. i never dated in high school and now cant even dream of talking to a girl, (a girl smiles at me and ill go bat **** crazy and cant stop thinking about her and dreaming of what our future could be like) and my so called friends turned on me left me alone because i guess i wasnt that important enough to bother to keep around. i found a iq test admistered in grade 10 to help me in school and it showed i had a below average iq and in some areas only scoring 58 points. my dream was to be a succsesful singer and thats a impossibility. i feel so guility for feeling like this because there are so many who suffer far worse.

***** ***** *****...i would like some ideas to help me be a real human being.
andar23 andar23
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1 Response May 17, 2012

First of all, you are a real human being, Secondy, high IQ is not a pre-cursor to happiness. Third, others are in worse shape. Go volunteer. Seriously. Don't do it for a pat on the back. Don't do it because it's moral. Expose yourself to the full range of misery and inhumanity that exists under your nose. Help someone. It's the right thing to do. In doing so, you will help yourself.