I ******* HATE MYSELF. I'm 20 years old and i've been in a relationship with my "boyfriend" for 3 years. We have  a weird friendship/relationship/love/hate. complicated piece of chaos that just consumed both our lives with drugs (just some good ol smoke) and sex. things were never really complicated until i made them, then out of no where, i get knocked up. great, just what i want to keep him right, a baby. but he already has one with someone else,and he didn't want to have another one. so i AGANIST WHAT I WANTED AND BELIEVED got an abortion. he swore to me he wouldn't leave me if i did it, (we're really rocky right now with our relationship) and so i did. i wanted it,. i already had a name for either sex :( anyway, i want to KILL myself now. he left me, i have no baby anymore, (i loved talking to it when no one was around) i have no boyfriend, i have nohting. i hate my life. and everything it entails. please someone find me, and just end my mysery, PLEASE. __x-brok
brokenheartedjackiex brokenheartedjackiex
May 19, 2012