The Person I am. The Person I want to become.

I am laying in my bed crying, another night of being sleepless because I feel to disgusted to fall asleep. I am sad, maybe even depressed. Whatever the reason, I just keep crying, I get lost in my thoughts, there is this person I want to be, this image of a girl in my mind, that wont leave. I want to be whoever that girl is. That girl gets along with everyone. She is pretty, and funny. Guys love to stare at her, flirt with her, and take her out. She some how, can maintain A's and B's, while working 4 days a week, going to the gym, and still have time to look ******* pretty. She is by no means a ****. She is not into drugs, not really a big drinker. This girl taunts me day in and day out. I see her perfect legs, and nice shaped boobs, pretty hair, a simple and calming face. 5'4 and 130pounds. I cry myself to sleep every night thinking of her. I wish I could be her. 

Every time I try and succeed in being, this girl, I fail. For some reason, I become more depressed, sad, and frustrated. I eat more and more food, to calm my nerves. Stop going to the gym, hide in my room and watch TV show after TV show. I hate this girl, this is the girl I am. I'm hiding, lonely, and a pathetic girl, who cannot seem to pull it together.

iI have it in me I know I do.

I just have to stop hating myself first.

                                  LOVE MISS LYSS   
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1 Response May 23, 2012

Don't try to be someone else. You have something special that no one on this earth have. God gave that thing to only you so that you would be different from billions of people on this earth. Appreciate and use that thing you have and people will wish to be like you. <br />
It is good to be yourself than to be like someone