What Are Friends Good For?

Today I had my first ever really big fight with my best friend of four years. To sum things up, I told her to go have fun ******* all these different guys she meets online, and to have fun hooking up with every guy I have ever liked. I know it wasn't nice but....if I am standing up for myself, do I have to be nice? It hurts me that I called her all those hurtful things. However when I was in the hospital, and in and out of intensive everyday group therapy, she never once asked how I was doing. Instead she said the most hurtful thing, to go have another ******* psych breakdown. Maybe I am just complaining, maybe I shouldn't have told her boyfriend that when she was down the shore with me and a couple of friends she left with two guys and didn't come back till 8:30 in the morning. I don't know why I am crying, am I wasting my tears? Did I do the right thing by standing up for myself? All I know is I am scared of her, I am scared when she freaks out on me, when she acts like a ***** for no reason.

I feel left alone now, the one friend I had is gone.

I hope not all friends are like her

Rest In Peace - Me and Breanna's friendship.

Love Lyss
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well If I were you, I'll just accept it and move on. You can't call someone your bestfriend when you had a hard time keeping peace together after a huge fight. I remember my Best friend till' now. We had a huge fight, we also says bad words to each other but in the end we're still Best friends. that was our last fight. Now, what i mean is that if she was really your best friend she'll understand (vice versa) the problem that you and her are having. There are so many people in the world. You'll get to meet others if you move on and keep moving forward. God bless.

Reminds of my high school best friend. Been friends since first day of my freshman year in high school, even before that, when we both took our exams, we're seatmate, and when we found out we're on the same section, we became instantly friends. Been always together. Hanging out. Looking out from our classroom's window, checking out guys, and telling each other's our crushes. Yeah. Then one day, I screwed it all up. Got angry over her for not returning my things on time she had promised. That day, it all happened. I felt like I ended our friendship on that day. And sure I did because I never said sorry on her for what all the bad things I've done and told her. We're still friends now. But it wasn't like before. Like our friendship never happened. It sucks, Lyss. Do not let your friendship ends the same way as mine did. If I can do it again, I'll never do that. If you really did value your friendship, talk to her, you can straight things up. It is worth the try! God bless you.

What you said to her was honest, and truthful... in a way. Yet, the proper way to argue is calm reasoned discussion. On the other paw, her lack of care towards you may be one of two things, one she has no idea how to handle mental health. Or two, she indeed does not care that much about you. As for her comment to you, I can't say one way or another because it lacks context, the entire talk the two of you had.<br />
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As for telling her bf about her nightime jaunt. There are two opinions about that. One which says, it's between her, the men, and her bf, I should remain silent. With the predictable result of the bf, when he learns of it, will be angry at you for not telling you.<br />
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The other side is, what you have done is correct. You saw something in her behaviour you did not like. You could have talked to her before hand about her adventures, though the main thing is the bf needed to be told even just so he can be aware of any potential STDs/STIs and take the proper precautions, and tests.<br />
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What you did is morally correct in telling her bf. You also did something unethical. That was to go behind her back and tell him. Some ways, these situations are best by giving an anonymous phone call to him, or send him snail mail. At least so she wouldn't know it was you. Which is even more unethical, lol.<br />
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Basically, you were damned in any decision you could have made. The choice you have now is, is she worth being your friend and to patch up the friendship or to find another person you can be that close to. We can't make the choice for you. You know her behaviour and attitude the best. Would she cheat on another bf?<br />
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Well, take care. Let us know what you decide to do.<br />
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*hugs*<br />
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