I Have No Friends

All my friends move away i feel lonely. My wife has to work two jobs just so we can make it I work a graveyard shift. Even for some dumb reason I had a crush on a coworker at my job not sure why. Just confused and depressed
thephantom34 thephantom34
1 Response May 25, 2012

I know this sounds stupid, but have you tried reaching out to the community? My brother was struggling with depression and loneliness when he started going to this bike trip get together, and he said everyone was really nice and there was no expectation of skill level. It seemed like a good way for guys to get together. I think you should do all you can to keep yourself preoccupied and to agressively pursue happiness. I know this can be hard when you're depressed, but just think of it as doing what you can to distract yourself from the pain, put on a smiley face, and maybe your point of view will change. When it comes to the whole co-worker thing, don't, and it sounds like you wouldn't, act on your crush. Guilt on top of depression and loneliness will tear you up inside. In my experience, a lack of confidence goes along with depression, but I think you should try your best to act confident and actively stay positive and things will have a good chance of looking brighter.