I Don't Want To Go Out

I wanted to die. I wanted to evaporate. I wanted to disappear.

It is all because of that robbers who took away my precious things.
A graduation gift form my dad, Blackberry 8520. he worked hard for that. then those bastards just got it for free.
Another is 2000 pesos (here in Philippines it's a big amount of money). I worked hard for it. I feel really really bad when they found that in my pocket and by the looks of their faces they are starving for money.

As A ufc fan I know how to use knees and elbows. When someone grabbed my IPOD. I started to fight back. Luckily the robber who got my IPOD kissed my elbow and fortunately dropped my IPOD. I risk my life for those items but the only item i have left was my girlfriend's birthday gift to me, the IPOD.

I now really hate myself. I want to stabbed my self with a knife. My father will be disappointed at me. (what would you think ? will he ? )
thank you for reading this. I just want to scream and I know this is the only way to feel that i am not alone. Thank you.
FreddyF FreddyF
1 Response May 25, 2012

I will not say I understand how you feel because no one has robbed me that much ever since (and let's hope will never be). The piece of advice, however, that I can extend to you, is I'm sure your dad will be sad about what happen, but I don't think he will love you any less than how he loves you now. Judging by the gift that your father had worked hard to give to you, I'm betting the he loves you so much, so much that he will understand. He might even get angry if he found out that you even fought with the robbers. Your life is much more important than any other material things you had. Don't screw life because of that event. Say a prayer before you tell your dad what happened.<br />
<br />
And by the way, I'm a Filipino, too. Welcome to the club!

I can't take it off from my head. The moment they were robbing me and pointing a gun in my head keeps flashing back. I hate this world now. I'm too young to suffer from all this bad things. On the bright side i'm alive. and yeah you're right. Salamat sir for the comment. Hope my dad will feel alright too. sasabihin ko sakanya mamayang gabi. God bless.

Being alive is one of the best things we have, I have been stabbed (more than once) shot (once) and hit by multiple moving vehicles. I embrace life more because of it.

Sometimes the struggle in the water is what reminds us to breath.