Hat Myself Two So Im Trying To Help Other People Stop

i hate myself because im so black and ugly and nobody seems to understand me i try everything to make people like me but nun of them work i try being a hoe i slept with 3 guys in my class i dont have a boy friend i throw myself around like nothing and they still dont like me. i cant talk to my mom she dont listen she always sream at me and dont try to look at it from my point and she's always gone i cant talk to my two oldest sister the mak fun of me and my other sister she like me but better she have ight skin everyone is cool with her she dont have anger problems like me i can stand when people talk to me in man wayi send me crazy and these stupid dreams about these boys make's me angry i feel deprested by them because in the dreams thid boy always playing me or useg me or he embarasses me in front of every one or he pushs me away like nothing other time he's nice and sweet then he like someone else i hate hs dreams are things from the past present or future oe things we want to do but i dont know which one is mines i want it to stp i want to be happy buteven in the most happies momment im sad because stuff like that only happen once i dont know what to do with me self i feel like killing myself or running away and becoming a hooker or just kil someonei dont know what but i need help eeryone says it but i dont know where to start i need someone who's goin to listen to me help
naome naome
13-15, F
1 Response Jun 3, 2012

Hey hun - I'm here for you... First of all - I know about the light vs dark sorta thing... my friend is mixed so she's light - but though she's beautiful , I prefer to see dark skinned models. We are all beautiful, and I think you are because you're opening up and trying to love yourself. Appreciate whatever you got - It took me twenty years, and I have scarred my body and now have to accept that too.I want you to know something, and that is : A smile will always show beauty. A beautiful woman will grow ugly without joy. Any woman will grow beautiful with a smile. A true smile. And love yourself, you don't need it from any1 else xxxo