I Hate Being Me

I hate my skin
I hate my eyes
I hate my hair
I hate looking in the mirror to see a girl who is ugly, alone, forgotten, invisible...A ghost even.
Sometimes I see myself as fat
Sometimes I think nobody can help me, I know I need(ed) help but how if I can't trust anyone?
There are days where I think that if I bleed it out, maybe I'll be perfect and be the dream girl everyone loves.
Or there are days where I just can't stand being alive, I can't stand walking on the ground of the place that hurt me.
I acted like everything was fine, wearing the same worn down golden mask with a carved smile just so I wouldn't worry anyone.
I hated being a burden, I hated how I got in the way and how people looked down on me..I thought that maybe this was how I was going to live forever.
I hate every last inch of me...Every little thing that is wrong about me...
NaturalSurvior NaturalSurvior
13-15, F
1 Response Jul 11, 2012

I feel the same way.