I'm Ugly And No One Likes Me

i'm so stupid.
there's nothing good with me.
i always push away my family and the ones i love.

i barely have any friends and no boys like me.

i'm also so ugly, i hate my freckles, my pale skin, my witch nose, my short hair, my fat chin, my personality, my teeth, my voice, my everything.

no one would care if i died except my family.
but that's not enough.

i should just die, then everything wil be better for everyone.
everyone would be happy instead of angry because of me.
agirlwithabrokensmile agirlwithabrokensmile
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 16, 2012

So what? Maybe you have a beautiful heart and someone will love you for that. Looks fade with time

I am going through the same thing. My parents tell me I'm beautiful, but I'm really not, they just tell me that.<br />
<br />
People from school bully me and hate me, some days I just want to die.

Hey, don't feel so down. I hate myself too, and I want to just end it all. If you die, you couldn't ever feel calm or happy....hang on. You'll feel better soon.