hello there i half muslim and half christian ,, i am 24 years old my mam she is from russia an d my dad jordanian ,, my dad was hitting my mam all the time and he married 3 times this things its very hard 4 me ,, i am always was a good girl fuuny and happy and hyperactive sinse 5 years i am living alone in Egypt ,, i am studying physical therapy , i hate my self so much i hate my self and i hate ,, sinse 3 month i started to feel a bad things inside me there alot of things happend in my life but nobody understood me ,,,inot skiiny girl i am little bit fat i hate my self that i am fat ,, i hated so much ,,i started to think that all people hate me ,,and they dont like me i started to feel alone ,, ia m lonley girl i dont know what the life mean to me everything its not normal i hate my self ,, even my b,f he loves and he will do anything 4 me i know that but i started to be gelouse so much and here is a problems come ,, everything in my life not normal i hate my self cus i dont know who i am ,, or who i wanna be ,, all my friends hate me all my family far away from me ,, i feel i dont relies who i am anymore ,, i wanna get back everything good in my life ,,,i wont to change i dont have a support there is alot if bad things in me i wont to change ,, my realtionship ,, my body actually the most i hate about my self ,,,, i wanna dress good i wanna feel free and comfortable and be a good dperson i tried many times to changed but there is no results ,, i need somebody to tell to get my confidence back i wanna get my life back ,, as i was before ,,, i hate my self i hate my self i hate my self i need help i relly need help
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1 Response Aug 28, 2012

You have conflicting religious beliefs, hating yourself knowing your good, wishing your body was different, to really please others. If you look inside I think your good. You have youth, I had no self esteem, no self confidence, thought I was ugly stupid, skinny and from a fatherless home. Its strange how your out look changes threw time. The things I hated about myself then I laugh about now. Be who you are, if your true and real never worry. Find one man who wants to love you and live happy, oh and also I like bigger women as do lots of other men. You will have children one day you want to instill self confidence in them .be funny and enjoy