I Avoid People...

Please throw no catchy cliche or guilt filled scripture my way...they serve no purpose.I cannot quite understand why I,a woman who values her privacy,joined a group of...strangers..simply to share how very much I hate myself.I hate my poor choices, my life, my self chosen solitude, the silly men I've had the misfortune of dating, the one I married 12 yrs. ago(worst choice),oh...a lot to hate when it comes to me.I will never utter these words to either of my closest friends,no..smile 'til my face hurts.Do you ever dread morning...awake with an ache in your heart and a sort of void in the gut? I play with the idea of freedom from this.We are told this euthanasia comes with a great cost.I am seriously starting to question the validity of this line of thought.It's pretty personal...I,m pretty useless.Even tried therapy..anyone else?Absurd isn't it...a total stranger attempting to tell me how great I am after a 5 minute conversation..and it was text book rote.If by chance anyone feels anything like I do, perhaps we should commiserate.I do hope( if anyone reads this) that you feel better than I do.Afraid I'm becoming agoraphobic.BLUE
pmcgeehan1132 pmcgeehan1132
Aug 28, 2012