I Ruin The Life Of Everyone I Love.

I was with my boyfriend of four years. I told him I loved him and gave him my word. I went to peru for three months. I immediately felt attracted to a man I met there. And knew there was a problem and I told my boyfriend that If i was having feelings for someone then that is not natural , and we have a problem. so i broke up with my boyfriend and began three months with this wonderful peruvian.

I came back to the US and everything was soo soo confusing. I am not used to being alone. And i tried to be , for about a week skyping with my boyfriend from Peru.
Then I saw my ex boyfriend and I thought we would just talk. But of course we did everything.

So now i am super confused and basically hate myself.
I give two different boys who i love my word. And i cheat on both of them basically with the other.
I had to tell my peruvian boyfriend. and he is so upset and feeling terrible.

If any of you want to hear a song that should be dedicated to me its mariposa traiconera by Mana.. " traitor butterfly "
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2 Responses Aug 29, 2012

to many relatons fail i think as they afll in love to soon with no understanding of any place but home i think all need to do 2 years of service someplace in the world so they learn about more then whatthey see on tv and the radion<br />
<br />
i wish we had of joined peace corps when we were kids with eachother<br />
but we had a draft and viet nam was gettinghooterso i joined service my wife was suppose to be in SJ state working on her degree<br />
but so how she got in the USMC and the some how due to her size she was well under 5 feet andless then 100 lbs near 90 when we were with each other in japan<br />
<br />
but my wife had been taugh to fight just like i was except i was told he was training me to kill but my wife he was reawaking her skills in the way of the warrior<br />
<br />
and she was great

still pretty young and you reall made the right choice to see other places<br />
we knew what we wanted at 12 years old but we were very different then other kids<br />
even ebefore she became my wife at 13 we had join accounts and both held full time jobs and went to school full time plus church and a few other things in our life

you got married very young ? I am slightly confused

we got married very young yes we could not have kids we loved each other and back then youhad to have permission and a blood test you no longer have to have blood tests

my wife lost her life at age 19