I Hate Myself Because;

I am ugly,
I am fat,
I have no friends,
I slit my wrists,
I have no one who loves me,
I have no family that care,
I cry myself to sleep,
I am ME!
PaperThinEmo PaperThinEmo
18-21, F
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Your like me....

Have u thought about THIS, ...if noone wants to be near u, then its THEIR loss!, ..people shud get to KNOW u first, its whats on thee INSIDE that matters, NOT thee outside :)

I can't change the way you see yourself and they way you feel. What i can tell you is that your not alone in the way you feel and that even though i can't see you, touch you or feel you just know that i'm here for you when ever you want to talk. I think there are others that would say the same. You don't need to battle this alone, for all those who battle deppression and anyother disorder, we are one and together we will stand and fight as one.<br />
It may sound cheesy but its true.

I feel the same way, but have not cut myself.

Its nice to know there are others out there who feel like me although I would not wish it on any one to feel this way. I wish I didn't cut my self but its more of an addiction now, I enjoy it whilst im doing but feel bad afterwards x

Yes, I used to cut a lot. I remember it was a relief when cutting, and I would go crazy, and make a mess of myself. Then later the regret comes, the concern about hiding the cuts, etc... I also would not wish this on anyone else. I feel like I am concerned for others, but no one is concerned for me. I guess that is why I joined here. Thanks for responding.

I know exactly what you mean, I cut everyday because of the addiction to the relief of emotional pain but I regret it every time. And I respond to everyone because if you or whoever else can take the time to comment the least I can do is respond and also because I like to speak to people because I don't really have many friends.

I have only one friend in the entire world.

I have 1 friend who lives on the other half of the world who I can trust but have never met. I have 1 friend who live on the other half of the country who I can trust but have never met. I have 1 best friend who I can't trust who lives on the other half of the country who I used to live next door to and 1 best friend who lives around 10 miles away and I only see in school during lunch. But everyone else hates me, including my family! Sometimes I feel so alone :( I wrote this poem about cutting:
I sat in my room, in the corner of my bed, With my razor in my hand, Wishing I was dead. I think to myself as I slice through my wrists, Would they even care if I didn’t exist? I cut though my skin and watch the blood run, I smile for a second then think what have I done? The pain went away but now it is back, Was it really worth it? YES!

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we have a lot in common

Its nice to know that someone feels the same although I would not wish it on anyone to feel like this.