What's It Like To Be Acknowledged? To Be Liked?

I don't feel like a human being. I'm lonely and getting lonelier by the day. I don't have friends really. I'm shy, but lately I'm finding that most girls.... No offense to anyone reading this.... Are caddy and superficial. They smile in each others faces and act like friend's, only to talk about u behind ur back. The friends I thought I had have proven to be no better. Now that they have bfs, they don't need my friendship. I just want genuine friends who care about me and important things in life... Not just about boys, fashion and gossip. Not only do I not Get along with girls, but forget about guys. Guys NEVER flirt with me. Never have in the past either. I get sick of going out because I see all the other girls getting flirted with or with their bfs and I'm alone in the corner wishing I would die. The girls that are air headed and shallow get all the guys attention. Apparently it's what they want, but I refuse to lower myself just to get attention from a guy. I don't want to be shallow. I like knowing what is important in life but apparently guys don't want the level headed girls. Just the bubbly, typical no substance girls. I'm so tired of feeling like a piece of furniture. Then again, furniture is at least acknowledged, and I'm not. I feel repulsive, and now I don't feel worthy of being around other people. I feel like a burden all around. A no body. Just... Repulsive
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wow this sound just like my life, i love how you keep true to who you are. every guy i have ever dated has used me and lied to me over and over again seems like i just can't learn to stop trusting guys like that. i have more guys friends that i can just then girl friends i can trust but no matter how much i trust them it will never be at the level that i would love it to be at. you are lucky that you don't try to change your self for other. me, i'm still trying to be mommy's little angle.

I know the feeling of being used. I keep trusting and liking all the wrong guys too :( plus the mom thing... I don't get along with her at all either

You're one in a million, I admire that. Sticking to who you are and what defines you. That's a rare sight to see these days. Don't ever change! But honestly, I only think your problem here is being shy. I'm shy myself and really quiet. The less you say or do to engage in social interaction with others..the less likely you'll be to draw people towards you. <br />
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Just try to keep your hopes up. You've got so much more to offer than those other girls. You'll find your true friends and love, one way or the other. Just don't look so down on yourself. You're a wonderful human being with a heart of gold. Kinda wish I knew someone like you. Oh well, just try and be happy!

Thanks so much. I really appreciate the encouragement. And ur right, I am very shy :-[ I wish I knew someone like u too :)

I really admire u to keep being urself & to not try to look like them girls. I'm a girl and this is true about most of thr girls. But not all of them are like that. For example; Me & my close friend tell us the true things. When we're together we don't like to talk to about other people. We kinda act like boys. I mean that we're not too "much" girly. Anyways... Start giving urself a value because u weren't born to be unhappy. Someday you'll find a guy who will love u for the "who" u are and for your beauty. Stay strong cause if I "care" about ur situation, well that means that someone else also does.

thank you so much. it really makes me feel better knowing that there are other grounded girls out there :) and the fact that u say u care means a lot to me truly

No problem ;) !