Isnt It Nice?

Isnt it nice to be You (Friend 1)- Tries out for Jv, makes varsity volleyball. Tries out for freshman, makes varsity softball. Meets a cute guy in class one day, likes him, happens to like her back, date for 6 and a half months, break up, Friends again the next day. 1st day freshman year walks into school, makes a billion new friends.

Isnt it nice to be You (2)- gets a 4.0 every semester, has a bright future ahead of you. Has a million never worn clothes in your closet. Gets out of a relationship/fling, gets a new one the next day.

Isnt it nice to be you (3)- get a 4.0 just by showing up. Has a billion friends, makes varsity soccer freshman year. All the guys want to get with you, and you're skinny.

Isnt it nice to be you (4)- get good grades without trying, get a cute boyfriend, date for over a year (Still going..)

Isnt it nice to be you (5)- You're skinny as ever, pretty, and have a billion close friends.

Now, Isnt it nice to be me?
Meets a guy in 7th grade, becomes best friends. Finally date in 9th, break up, cant even talk to each other. Friendship, ruined.
To try as hard as you can and still not get A's.
To be completely unappealing to every guy in the world.
To feel fat or ugly every single day.
For the one guy that you ever loved to ignore you every single day, then when he finally talks to you he just harasses you. Then a year later, finally get on good terms and you can tell he probably just thinks you're weird as ****.
To hate yourself every moment of every day.
To have no one to text, Always.
To not have anyone to hang out with, because you're waiting for someone to ask you first..
To get to the point you cut.
To have basically no real friends
To be that girl who always gets forgotten or outgrown
To always say the wrong thing
To be afraid to be alone..
To feel sick every single morning because you know if you don't show up, no ones even going to notice.
To want to skip everyday, to see if anyone would try to find me.
So No, its Not good to be me.

But its not like any of you have ever noticed.
Afewmoreyears Afewmoreyears
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 12, 2012

This was a very genuine and beautiful post, albeit sad. Message me if you would like someone to talk to. I know how you feel to the degree that one person can understand another without ever having truly walked in their shoes. I would love to get to know you better.