Hate Me

I think I've been depressed for around 2 years now.
I'm a musician, since I started playing guitar (almost 4 years ago) its all i wanted to do in life , so I've been playing and practicing for like 4 to 8 hours a day since then, believing i could do it. So 2 years ago I quit school, I just wanted to play music so i didn't care about school (still don't), i thought i would get a job, and spend the rest of the time practicing and that I could find other musicians to form a band. But am still alone , I'm 18 now, I can't even write a song , I hate myself and i wish I was some one else. Every day I wake up with what I guess is "hope" that its gonna change and that I can reach my goals , but at the end of the day its always the same ****, I end up crying and hitting myself wishing I was never born.

**** me.
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18-21, M
Sep 20, 2012