Stop Making It Worse, I Already Hate Myself

im not a loner, so why do they keep calln me it.

im not a ****, so why shout it.

why pretend to be my friend and then tell me to leave the group that no1 likes me.


they dont get how it makes me feel and the seem to say it at the worse times...
fightandstaystronge fightandstaystronge
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 24, 2012

Hey, I've learned the hard way to not listen to everything people say. cause people are mean in groups, and even meaner when they turn on you by themself. But when U find good people to hang with it soo much more fun. Look for confident people with good personalities...not the gossipers, bullies, or a$$holes...i mean look for just good people and join their group. I am struggling to make friends but there are a few people I talk to now and I took my time before I tried to be their friend. I made sure they wasn't mean or gossip type people. it really does hurt when ppl treat you like ****, i know, feels like somebody stabbing me in my chest an I can't breathe too. Don't hate yourself b/c they talk **** to isnt' worth it...another lesson I learned the hard way. Basically people aren't going to like you if YOU don't like yourself! So why you don't like yourself? if you want to talk u can message me i will listen. i don't have all the answers but I do have some experience with bad situations n stuff.