Pure Hatred

I hate everything about me. my eyes my smile. but i do love my mind. why? because i can dream and run away from everything that is making my life hell. everyday i wake up wishing i hadn't. seems like everything that comes out of my mouth irritates someone. whenever i touch something its destroyed. whenever i kiss someone a couple days later they hate me. i dont understand what i do that is so damn wrong. why am i cursed? why me? does everyone really hate me that  much. but no one could ever hate me as much as i hae myself.

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You can't hate your smile nore your self!you are beautiful!smart!pretty!awesome :) you shouldn't hate that :)

I hate myself.i can't do things as well as the other. i always try my best but i am always failed.
i do love my mom much.my mom and my friends trust in me....so i feel like that i can do everything good to them.....i hate myself.

A man should uplift himself by his own self, so let him not weaken this self. For this self is the friend of oneself, and this self is the enemy of oneself.

The self (the active part of our nature) is the friend of the self, for him who has conquered himself by this self. But to the unconquered self, this self is inimical, (and behaves) like (an external) foe.

~ Bhagavad Gita


That's good. Oneself is not an enemy, and it is a part of you, and once you can conquer that part of yourself, Oneself can fully be your ally. So stronger and more willful you will become :)

we still have dreams... ;)

I can relate. I completely hate myself but I always day dream about a perfect life and it helps for a while.

every thing will get better, i bet u r a very pretty girl things will get better with time trust me

Hey dear still you have lots future... don't hate by yourself for the sake of others... live for yourself don't bother about others.. people are so crazy and stupid they wont understand the life or others feeling.. so be cool and be happy:)

why? you have so much more life to live so live it & be happy..think positive and and positive things will happen

Awwww dont hate your self

You shouldn't hate yourself, you're a very beautiful woman

thanks :)

keep the statements coming cause they are explaning a lot
about my messy life thiers others who want to talk about the way we both feel

Swt..rt! Trust me, U r just a kid n there are bigger tensions in life. You will grow up to be a very pretty n' confident chic. So kinda stop worrin'. But if you still have worries related to parents or peer pressure pls post it if u feel so. Worries r lighter when shared.

Thanks.... that meant a lot.... but i have people who actually tell me im stupid, ugly, and worthless....what i do now?

Heyyyy please dont think of others....No1 understands u better then urself......n if some1 is calling u stupid then its not ur problem, itd der problem.....never underestimate urself...