A Million Flaws

everyone usually has that one or two things that they consider to be a flaw or they hate one or two things about there self!! right? well im not like other people i hate everything about my self,my name,the scars i have, my laugh,my smile.theres not one thing i like about me or what makes me..me. im the girl who stares at my self in the miror and i ask my self why am i doing thsi to my self!! i lose ny mind on the smallest thing if a peic eof my hair sticks up i go crazy if i have a smudge from my eyeliner forget it!! im done!! there not one thing i like about me and i have a million flaws that cant be fixed :(
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18-21, F
2 Responses Oct 27, 2012

I look in the mirror and say, "I hate you." Then I look at the person staring back at me and I say, "You're not going to win today." I am working very hard on changing my thinking from negative to somewhat positive. The person staring back at me from the mirror is myself, and I am who I am. On the outside I may not like my fat ugliness, but I know I am beautiful on the inside. That is where I look for strength. I believe you are a beautiful person. You have inner strength and calm as illustrated by writing your story. Believe in your inner self. Strengthen your inner person. As you do this, you'll begin to see your beauty on the outside, too. One small step at a time.

i understand you...when i was about 16 years old i did the same thing...but now i'm 18 and i've already gave up covering my flaws...i just accepted my ugliness... of course, i still hate myself..but there's not that disappointment when i dress up myself and still look ugly...