I Hate Being Me

i hate myself, i hate being dumb, i hate having bad grades and being jalous of others when they get better than meand i hate that they get better grades even though i workek harder, i hate that the teachers have an impression that i'am stupid,i hate being the odd one in everything, i hate that my friends keeps secrets from me when they tell each other, i hate that i'm lonely ,i hate that i'm not social , i hate that no one cares for me , i hate that i can't trust my mother , i hate that i'm not living a diffrent life, i hate that i'm ugly, i hate that i'm overweight, i hate my hair, i hate being born where i was born , i hate living here, i hate my life, i hate that i can't do anything about it, i hate that i'm complaining about all that when i know that there are people how their life sucks more than mine......
i hate myself
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18-21, F
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

I knw the feeling