Well, if you met me, you would think that I was the most confident person in the world. I am nice to everyone, I am always smiling, and I have many really good friends. Even though I appear like a nice person who really likes themselves, I'm not. I am overweight and I have always had a bad image about myself. I hate the way I look. I have tried to lose weight many times, but I lose confidence in myself and I give up. People always tell me to love myself no matter what. I try but every time I look in the mirror, I see a disgusting and ugly person and then I cry. I really want to learn to like myself for who I am, but it's hard for a 16 year old girl to.

Well that's my story...
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I want you to know that you are not alone. I too have always struggled with self image....small boobs, big thighs, wide feet etc. You're going to be ok! I can only see your face in your picture but I will tell you that you are beautiful.. You have to learn to love yourself and be ok with who you are. You said you have a lot of great should look at what that means about you. You are clearly a very nice and lovable girl. If your weight is really something you feel you need to change then you owe it to yourself to be happy. Think of that when you get discouraged. "I deserve this, I deserve to look great and feel happy"

One thing that might help is, get a work out buddy or a trainer. Someone who will stick with you through it and not let you quite and keep you motivated. That way even when you don't feel motivated they can help to kick your butt!

I made this account today because I had an issue of my own and needed to talk to an anonymous person objectively, and it helped alot. If you would ever like to talk,vent or need advice, I will listen and try to help.
Remember someone out there cares and I will say a prayer for you.

Best wishes,

I am going to be honest, love. I was overweight for a good while and I kept eating to hide my depression. I wasn't like you though, I couldn't even pull the "I'm happy and confident" bit off! Kudos! Major kudos! Listen, please. I hate being the optimist because I really didn't want to hear it back then when I was obese. My mom said to me (though horribly), "How can you expect someone to like you like that? You know people are shallow." I cried FOR TWO DAYS STRAIGHT. Then I came to the harsh realization that I knew all along. She was right. So yes, I caved in and did what other people want... but along the way, I realized what I wanted. It's nearly impossible for a 16 year old. I had an eating disorder then that ended and I gained all of the weight. Try, for yourself to do weight watchers (IT'S AWESOME, sucks for 2-3 weeks but then is quite alright) and box/kickbox. I swear it worked for me sweetness and it will work for you (-72 lbs here!) If you ever need anyone to talk you through the troubles you may face, I'm here. <3

Thank you so much! (: