Wedgie Torture

In my family it's just my mom dad me and my brother. I'm the only girl in my family and I hate my brother. He's older than me too. My parents were gone for the weekend and my brother invited some friends over and I knew that he was going to humiliate me the whole weekend. They were over for about an hour before I really noticed that they were even at my house and all of a sudden they pretty much kick down my door and came into my room with a video camera and a bag full of things. He had him and three other friends with them. He grabbed me a forced me into the living room. They duct taped my hands to my feet and started grabbing and spanking my ***. I was wearing yoga pants and you could see my underwear line because I wasn't wearing a thong. He grabbed the back of my panties and pulled them until I was a few feet off the ground. Then they turned on the video camera untapped my hands from my feet and they all grabbed a side of my panties. They were black with purple poc a dots on it. They all counted to three and they all bounced me up and down. Then they threw me on the ground ripped my shirt off and all grabbed my boobs and slapped them. My brother too the camera into my room and filmed him going through my underwear drawer and then my bra drawer. He took a whip out of the bag and started to whip my *** and my v.a.g.i.n.a. After it was all over he posted the video to Facebook and YouTube. The next day he woke me up at three in the morning by handing me a thing and telling me to put it on with these jeans that were two sizes too small. I walked outside of my room and he greeted me with a huge front wedgie and when I was in the air he was smacking my v.a.g.i.n.a. When one of his friends walked out of the bathroom he brought me in and to the toilet. I saw that they had all pooped and peed in it. He put my face in the toilet and as I was bent over he started feeling my *** and then gave me a wedgie and pulled the side of the thong over both my shoulders. Then after I took a shower one of his friends came in and said that if we didn't have sex right there he would ***** all my clothes off and stick a ***** in my *** and my v.a.g.i.n.a and throw me into my schools cafeteria during lunch. I said fine and he pushed me onto the bed and started grouping my boobs and then he ripped my pants off and my thong and started feeling my *** and rubbing my **** he stuck his **** inside me and started going for like 15 minutes then he stuck his d.i.c.k. In my mouth and came and made me swallow it. That was the end of my weekend and it was the worst time of my life.
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Sounds fun

what's the name of the video?