Don't Be Sad, Some Peopl Have It Worse

I am here to share to you the story or my bestfriend. One of a kind and my idol, she is the most person that keeps me going although she lives on the other side of the world since I moved.
This girl is one of the most beautiful girl inside out, through all of this problems that she faces everyday she still wake up everyday with that big smile on her face, ready to make people's day. When she was around 11 years old she had her roots of her hair all white, she had a condition, the thing that gives off the colour or the dye to her body was no more working, she was as pale as snowwhite and even more, she had to dye her hair regularly because the white was everywhere in her hair and she was embarrassed. She has to take this medicine everyday until she is 18. "surprising like I got a very similar condition to hers but mine makes me fat instead of body dye, but we both take the same medicine everyday, accept ill be taking it for the rest of my life" around 2008 her mom died with cancer taking over all of her body, she was 12 years old with no mom to guide her, she lost one of her very close people, she went through hard time but she managed to pull herself back up together and continue on. After couple months her brother got engaged and he was very close to her. Another person going to leave her. 2010 when I was gettin ready to move I woke up that morning to hear shocking news that left me crying for the rest of the day. Her dad had a big car accident and he left the earth, he left his daughter and did I mention her brother who was only 9 years old, no parents, brother almost is leaving and he can barely go through a conversation with his sister with out them fighting, at the end of 2010 I moved away to the end of the world, her brother got married and their maid/the person who took care of them decided to leave, she was now left all by herself at home, dealing with fake friends at school and going through hard time to figure out things, she is now16 and what she went through is something words can't describe, she is amazing to still have this smile other face everyday forgetting about all the negatives and fighting another day like everyday. Don't worry no matter how hard your problems are, you can do it,many other people did, so can you, this is just the downs in life that everyone will go though but eventually it will get better (so cliche but true)

Have a nice day
Maccheeseburger Maccheeseburger
18-21, F
Nov 30, 2012