Today in the hallways I watched someone stare at the cuts on my arms, I then rolled my sleeve down not even realising it was up and they glanced away. See I understand that for some people self harm is uncommon and foreign. But this person then proceeded to push me and shout yet again more abuse at me. To me thats worse then ever being in my condition, the fact someone's pain is scarred across there body and then that person sees them and stares at them and still decides to cause more pain. There the ones who need the help, not me.
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

You will get there. They are the truly sick ones! The lack of compassion in some truly shallow people is astounding. Sending love and comfort your way.

I see people with self-injury scars all the time...
I generally wonder what led them to need to go so far to relieve inner pain?
...But I'm not hateful and judgmental.

if this story is actually true then well.................. im not an expert i cant just make things for you better by telling you it will be, but im sorry, no i really am because i used to cut myself, badly but i stopped coz u no what. NO ONE! i MEAN NO ONE is worth that **** that your doing to your precious self because it hurts on the inside and out! and not everyone is going to understand that because for others life is a silly joke game and no one else matters but them!