I Hate It When

I feel so good about myself one day. I'm like "yeah! You can do this!" And then I miserable fail and feel even worse about myself. Pathetic, right?
KarmaTheChameleon KarmaTheChameleon
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4 Responses Dec 3, 2012

I feel the same way. I think I'm bi-polar sometimes. Throughout the day, my emotions are like a roller coaster ride. I spend half the day immersed in depression, low confidence and self doubt. Then, out of nowhere I feel like I can achieve all my dreams. I don't even know what to do with myself anymore.

That may be the most frustrating part of all. I am on meds and seeing a therapist. Yet I find myselfc in this sort of funk. I know things will get better at some point. Im just impatient lol. Its been three years. Cant I be happy now? Haha

I do the same. I started running recently trying to get back to the happy place I was when I was working out. I'm happy that day....and then the next day I wake up feeling like crap. I won't leave my apartment, I keep pushing back deadlines (really not good since it's finals time!) and oftentimes finding myself in bed crying. I left home to get my masters and move to a new city in hopes that I could start anew....and yet here I am a year later - feeling just like before. Will I ever get out of this?

I understand you as well! I can go a few years with feeling like things are tolerable. than something will happen to trigger something and if you dont catch it or you dont have someone you can talk to about it and that will understand it can be a down hill spiral from there. I stopped taking my meds and there are times i wonder if that was a good idea. so maybe you should go to a doctor and see what they can do to help you. .

I understand how you feel.. it never fails you try to start thinking things are going great and BAM.... WTH right? I understand completely