My Family

I feel like i disappoint everyone. Myself, Sister, Mother and Father.. They despise everything i do. My sister always picks out every flaw on how I speak to my friends. How much of a "flirt" I am, how I'm never myself. It makes me truly wonder, is my life even worth living be critiqued at every corner of it?
Celestial93 Celestial93
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Hi Celestial! I deal with a lot of criticism too; they say the whole "it gets better" but I'm 30 and there will be always someone nitpicking at something.

Did you ever think that maybe she is unhappy with herself? I bet she has to pick on you just to distract from her own problems. I bet anything she says about you is what she feels about herself; she's projecting her issues and perceptions onto you. So please try not to feel sad; 10 people will look at the same thing and describe it completely differently; you are the picture of perfection to someone out there so don't change. You will be loved for you. Try instead to be sad that she's that unhappy and bored that she feels the need to pick on you.