I Don't Deserve Anything

I don't deserve anything. I don't deserve love, happiness, comfort, friends, family, concern, life.
The only thing I deserve is pain and misery. For making everyone put up with me, for wasting air, for using food. For existing.
I should have all good feelings ripped from my greedy hands.
Because I don't deserve anything.
Elcarim Elcarim
13-15, F
4 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Don't perpetuate your unhealthy feelings by telling yourself this. I feel this way too, but I'm older, its ingrained. While you're still young please get some help so you can move on and have a life. I don't have a life. I just exist. Don't end up with so many regrets. Please, don't end up like me.

You poor poor girl - I wish I could help you out. I am feeling pretty much the same as you right now. I just broke someone's heart and I feel I deserve to rot in hell for it. But for you, is it just for no reason that you feel that way?

At your age I too suffered from my first depression and since then over different periods in my life I have felt similar to what you are feeling but they have passed, though I can't tell you how but they have and I've had some reasonably good times in my life and good friends that have stuck by me for 30 years or more but I can relate. If you need someone to talk to,I'd be happy listen, sometimes that's all we need, to know that someone cares enough to listen :)

Sis, if you don't mind I wanna tell you some thing. I also had this feelings. I also thought those things. But after some time I thought that when I came to earth, I cried and everyone smiled. I should do something so that when I will die, people will cry and I will die with a smile.......