A Girl Behind Walls.

I grew up "depressed" starting in 4th grade not knowing and Soon found out about it I then learned about what a wall was when being depressed and found I had those too I put one up everytime I got an insult to "protect" myself but I think I made it worse Because Everytime the wall was bigger and Got harder to knock down and harder To well Go out into the world and be me I was always ditching school = bad marks
Swearing= phone call home
Yelling at teachers= no honour roll
Walking out of class= principals office.
Nobody liked me and I was hated thus adding on more walls. But I think I finally lost It this year and knocked them all down because I am one my way to honour role and I don't cut myself or swear or cuss or yell at teachers ... Walls kill people there are so many examples in the world I wish I could take a hammer and knock down everybody's walla because I hated being a girls behind walls ... Others must hate it too .I almost killed myself with these walls and I don't want others to try the same thing.
Deadlylovely13 Deadlylovely13
Dec 6, 2012