My Mother

i never wanted to 'come out' to my mother. but when she forced the issue and i felt it was now or never, i did come out. she then told me i would be sad and lonely all my life and i would die sad and lonely. she also accused me of being a paedophile (because to her being gay and being a paedophile are one and the same thing). she also told me that there was nothing she could have done to offend god this much the he had chosen to punish her with a gay child. despite this, i don't hate her but i do find it very difficult to spend time with her....
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Jesus hung out with a ***** (Excuse my language, I'm sure she was a decent person) ad he never judged her or treated her like that. If you spend your life judging people, you have no time to love them.

you don't have to show her that you're a gay

personally i think gay people are amazing :-)

Oh this makes me want to cry - I am so so so so sorry for you. Ohhh you poor man. I hope she will have a change of heart and learn to love you for who you are.