I'm a freshman in high school and I got an A, three Cs, and two Ds on my last report card. My parents are really stern about grades so they are furious. They scream at me all the time about it. I think that over the years I have developed a fear of loud noises because of their yelling. They fight with each other all the time as well. Although I know that I am amazingly blessed with the life I lead, sometimes, my parents make me feel like ****. My dad will even refer to me as "you little ****" or "you ******* **** head". My dad has also begun to drink a lot more. This has caused for nothing but hardship... Lately I've been thinking about starting to make myself vomit, or cut myself, just to feel the pain I deserve. I have amazing friends but I know I couldn't share any of this with any of them.
chocomint67 chocomint67
Dec 8, 2012