My Feeling S Of Self Hatred

I really dislike my image, and i really dislike myself for disliking my image! It is now slowly starting to wreck my life, my social like has gone down hill, I don't want to do anything any more as I feel that people are starring at me all the time. Can't even believe that I am writing in this manner on a chat page but I guess no one knows me, I spend all my life giving positive reinforcement to patients who have mental health problems, but myself I just can't seem to even think of one positive thing about myself, although, my family are the best ever and they don't deserve me as I put them through so much pain with my continuous negativity about my self image. My hubby always reinforces that he loves me as I am but so so need to loose weight but just feel as If i have no energy to give up eating and eating like a pit, although common sense says that because I am eating like this I have no energy! Sorry to moan hope someone out there can actually understand what I am thinking confusing well yeah I guess x
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

I feel the same way...I hate myself...but I feel bad for hating myself. I don't think I am beautiful, yet I think everyone is beautiful. I am full of contradictions. I have limited social life, and I am 17, but I hate being with other people because I feel like they are always judging me. I understand totally what you mean. And I am here if you want to talk.