Puberty I Guess....

everyone in my class is so bright, smart, pretty,a plain jane like me does not fit in there:people say that i am the most talented one in my class but i don't think so, my friends, they are all so determined in life, they have goals and they look forward to bright future for themselves, they really stand strong... while i have no goals in life... i have a lot of problems at home: we have financial hardships and my dad is leaving soon, i don't know what will i do... even thought my parents love me, my borther loves me, my friend and classmates treasure me, i still feel envy for people who are supposed to be dear to me, i hate myself.... i am so unthankfull to my parents for wrtitng this, i wil change!!!, i want to, i willl!!!! i am even writing some useless story:

Part 01: a bully
-“Luna you there? Ol’ pansy just got off the buss, she really has some guts! After what she had done yesterday , are we forgiving her?” the two girls near the toilet room were chatting and laughing like some old lonely ladies whose so called “enemy’s” finally fell into despair. The girls wore makeup, a lot of it; they resembled marionettes at some point. While the girls were calling for Luna to come out , she didn’t really bother much, she didn’t really give a damn about about the emo pansy against whom she already took her revenge against: making her drink the water with dead worms was a gross choice even for “The school princess” and the rest of the bully’s but at least they made her bawl her eyes out so much that they didn’t even expect her ghost to show up for revenge. pansy didn’t really do anything, but for the gods sake, then why would the girls ( or whatever the hell they are?!) bully her? The quiet people annoyed them , very much. “forget pansy, who cares? Oh, where is homokevin by the way?” they laughed, they laughed out really loud, jimmy stumbled into faith and thought:” god this is all there is?”, He took a step but then felt really tired And all the people hurried fast, real fast, no one ever smiled… the bell rang… again…again… and again… the school finished at 3:45, it was winter so again, the sun was never called, and darkness spread over the snow,

dungeoncapturer dungeoncapturer
Dec 12, 2012