I Am Lost And I Hate Myself

I am 23 and till now haven't been in a relationship. i feel i am nt attractive to girls at all. I am skinny with no muscle, ugly face, my jaw is forward. not funny at all. my eyebrows are ugly my eyes my nose and every single part of my body. my personality is worst, no one trust me and even my friends dont want to go out with me. i can nt talk properly too. i truly think that i dont deserve to live as i am just suffering. i cry for no reason and get offended so quick. i have been heart broken few times so i have stopped looking for girls.
mido23 mido23
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

don't need to be sad...... beleive in ur self...... love ur self.. then see how changes will occur u automatically love life.... and world doesn't ends on girls..... make someone else prior in ur life...... u know what.. when u satrt seeing people who have less then u....... then u realize the imp of of what u have.....t.c of ur self...