My Life So Far

It started when I was in 5th grade. I met the love of my life, went through heartbreak from her before I even asked her out. And when I did, she said"Maybe some other time". More heartbreak. At home, my younger brother was blackmailing me with secrets I shouldn't have told him, telling on me for every little thing,etc. Also, my parents wouldn't believe a word I said. I later made a secret facebook account, and when I got caught, my mom wouldn't trust me because I called her and my dad dicks when I was mad. My mom one night came in my room while I was sleeping and asked"Why are you still wearing your normal clothes? Are you trying to sneak out to some party?" I was so hurt. I had apologized and told my parents why I called them that, but my mom wouldn't forgive me. Back at school, I still struggled with this girl. Nothing I did seemed to work. I actually considered suicide at age 10. I had minor "attempts" backstage(I was in a play). Trying to choke myself against a wall, stabbing my arm with a blunt pencil, writing on my arm and pulse with a sharp pencil... I'm going to skip to summer. Over the summer, nothing at home changed. My mom had forgiven me, but my parents still wouldn't believe me. I would tell on my brother for something he did, and if he denied it, I was a liar. My parents called me stupid, called me an *******, and my mom slapped me a few times. One day, my parents were really mad at me, and my mom said that if I kept up my nasty attitude, we'd end up having to fight. I said nothing because I really wanted to fight her, but then my dad said that if I fight back, he'd step in. He's slow, but strong, and my brother wouldn't have helped me if it were to happen to me, so I decided not to pick a fight I couldn't win. Later in the summer, my friend and I got into an arguement over text. She called me names, I called her names, but I ended up going to far. I called her a ****, and now she hates me, even though I apologized. Now she keeps telling people about it and I'm gaining enemies. All the while the love of my life keeps dating other guys, none of them are me. The only one I can trust with my secrets is my best friend(bros). But I needed to get this story out to public...Thank you for reading.

P.S. I'm now in 6th grade.
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Thank you

I'm here if you need to vent. Yelling doesn't disrupt me as much.

@55cabgirl I am in both gifted classes (math and Language Arts) and school comes easy. I know you didn't mean any harm, but I have my head straight. I was afraid people like you would respond like that.

Do your homework and focus on school!