Why Is It So Easy To Say I'm Never Going To Be Happy.

I just want to be able to plan something, go, and have a good time. Not save the world, not cure cancer, just enjoy myself. There's so much fun out there, but I'm always left feeling like I've never been wanted. Wife, kid, friends, they're all there, but there's always been this hole inside me, I've never felt that there's ever been a way to fill it. Why is it so easy to be miserable?
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

I was there...felt unhappy, stupid...wishing I die in my sleep but when I learned to love myself & value life amidst the misery, happiness warms my heart. Find things that can make you happy, discover life and build new friendship. Leave the past, enjoy the present and live for the future.<br />
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It's easier said than done but happiness is a choice.