Kill Me Without Warning.

Ok... I wanted to write this for a while now , I have posted here before but it meant nothing that time , Should I hate myself ? ( no reply) I know the answer "no" and Thats right but I do I hate myself because I hurt myself I am my own bully.I know I'm not the only one who feels this way Others feel worse about themselves but I feel worse .... I think hateing yourself is fine nothing wrong with it I hate myself and maybe someone who is reading this feels the same way I'm proud of you because who are you without one or two enemies ... Even if an enemy is yourself.
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heyy if you ever need a friend to talk to im here, i know what your going through. hang in there and remember your not alone. take care

I know Its not just me ... Orthers feel the same way to and some for all the same reasons .


My main reaso for self hate, other then being a useless being
I, just by being conceived, stuck the person i love the most in the world: my mother, to the most disgusting abusing, perverted and sexist person she could possibly meet....
I... feel so sorr just for existing...

I hate myself a lot as well, I've made myself feel guilty, sick, and all other sorts of disgusting feelings that I hate.

If you are your own bully, then stand up to your bully. Violence is never the answer to solving problems, so do not result in self-harm.

I do however hope you feel better in the near future, I wish I could help you more, but I know so little about your situation.

You really shouldnt hate yourself or harm yourself. Im not trying to sound rube but maybe you should see a psychyotrist if it gets out of hand because were friends and i dont want to get a message that reads what i dont ever want to see so maybe you should get help or try your best to like yourself again.