I seriously hate myself. I hate everything about my appearance. I'm not pretty, beautiful, sexy, attractive and certainly not smart. I literally only have a handful of friends and I have the most amazing family ever but, I still don't like myself. I don't know what to do with my life when I'm older. I want to help misfortune people so badly but a funny thing about it, I NEED MONEY TO HELP THEM. I'm not like the other girls, I don't want to wear fake eyelashes or fake tan. I want someone who wants to watch stupid lovesick movies. But you need to be socialable to be able to do that and not chock up when a guy starts speaking to you. I hate myself for even writing this because people actually have serious problems they need help with and I'm just being petty. I do appologise for wasting your time.
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Be kind to yourself. Other people's problems don't make your feelings less important. Take strength from your family and friends. As for talking to guys, I know it can be awful, but when you choke up, think about what you could've done or said better, and you'll be rehearsing for the next time. Take care!

i am same as you except that im a boy and it makes things even more difficult. As the days go by or as im growing things are getting more worse... Cant do anything