Why Cant I Just Die

Some days i have bad days where i just wish i could die... I feel i am not normal at all and i feel stupid and useless there is no body else like me in this world i feel like a freak....shot me please
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There are people like you Hun. You are in the perfect place to find them. I am one of those people.

how do you deal with feeling like this

stop that !!! hey if you wanna talk I will listen xxx

hope y are feeling better - Best wishes

yes maybe one day i will die x

death is a one thing that is certain in life. Huggs

yes horay too that x

There are days that make us just feel that way. Then again we know that we have been through that before...

Apparently, this didn't work. I suppose that's a good thing.

i feel like that now just taken pain killers to try and help

I have loaded my gun.... Where do you live ?

i felt like that last night but i am ok now till the next time

I go through times when I feel like this. In fact I feel like this right now.

Ok all you have to do is sread your legs do I can shoot U.

Boo that is no way to feel,I may not know you but I wouldn't want you to be shot.I just think you have alot to offer others,just know that I think you are sweet.

Because we wouldn't be able to play hide the sausage ;)

come on dont be so negative,, I dont think your a freak,,and either do hundreds of other people on here, in fact when i log in and see that your online ..I cheer up : } see. everyone has bad days,, but a real good day can make up for a hundred bad days! Okay so kick back put on some good music, have a glass of wine, I think you are a very smart I enjoy and look foward to your positive coments. otay : ] turn that frown upside down ....

you put yourself down to much and you are not a freak there plenty of people in the world who feel like you

I feel what you feel total dispair !!!

I can tell you're neither stupid nor useless. As for normal, well, that's a synonym for uninteresting. Hang in there and always, always root out the good. It's there to be found. Even more so if you make it.

HUGS & KISSES.... I understand and have been through the same myself. It doesn't always seem that tomorrow will bring joy or that we even want to find out some days. However life does get better, things do work out and you will find love as well as understanding just how amazingly beautiful, wonderful and needed you are.

Hey I too go through this though there are times when life is enjoyable. I tend to bve outside the normal social circles and you know I like it. I'm a nerd, geek, oddball, walk to a different drummer, whatever.

Reaching out to you and hopefully we can continue to converse.

Take care & thinking of you.

Let me tell you a story that might change your mind.
There's this kid with leukemia I visit once a week in the hospital. He's a big fan of the company I work for and he got super-excited when a few of us visited him with signed merchandise. I became close to the family and I was fortunate to be allowed to spend time with him whenever he'd take a break from chemo and other treatments (his kidneys failed halfway through and he got pneumonia because his immune system was shot to bits).
One day, his father left us to get us some cookies. So, the kid turns to me and says, "I feel bad for my father, he's a brave guy going through this". I said, it was him who had to do the chemo, go through the physical pain, and added how much of an inspiration he's become to me personally. He replied with not a hint of bravado in his voice, "Well, it's not like I can lay down and die. That's not an option".
Next time you feel like a freak, consider what it must be like losing your hair, losing control of your legs, and having to spend your teens in a hospital, with people having to disinfect themselves and suit up before they're even allowed to enter the same room as you. Then, have a look at the people around you in the street and wonder how many of them feel like freaks as well, how many feel like they don't belong anywhere. People who grew up fat and always fear of rejection. People who got bullied and lost their self-esteem years ago. People whose families want nothing to do with them, or people who simply feel like failures because they are nowhere near where they hoped they'd be by now. Then, after doing those things, take a deep breath and tell yourself you're fine and that you're in excellent company.

there are thousands of you :) you just have to find'em :)

I don't shoot unhappy people, sorry.
I'm not normal either, and I feel stupid and useless sometimes too...But it's ok to be you. Even if you isn't what anyone else thinks you ought to be.
You may not believe me, and I know you don't feel it, but you're an ok, acceptable human being. Really. (((HUGS)))

thank you xxxx :-)

I think about committing suicide everyday

yes me too :( i just havent the nerve to do it yet?

Same here ! but don't your such a beautiful woman at least your established in the world i have nothing to live for no fiends, no excitement, no love, nothing but loneliness every single day it really sucks, i may do it soon honestly i can't take it anymore

i just wish someone could kill me off save me the job :) you are very lovely too im surprised you dont have a girlfriend you are very handsome xx

lol cool i'll do each other so it wouldn't be suicide and i'm really not and i don't have one because girls don't want me besides i like older women like you

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I would hurt so much so please dont !!! and know Im here for you anytime. xo

xxxxx :)

my heart reaches out to you. I hope you are feeling better now.

Your cool

I don't normally respond to anything a female rights, but this caught my eye. I just read all the comments on here and wonder if any of them did you any good. Unless someone has been where you are and has felt that way for a reason, then it is hard to help in any way. I hate hearing people tell me to keep going, keep my chin up, things will get better and so on. You know all of that in your head as well. But, when you feel like you are different from everyone else, those words don't mean a thing. For years, whenever things were horrible, the pain, mental and physical, I wanted to die. And I always said, someone just shoot me and don't miss. How wonderful dieing would be. But, then, some how, i changed. I realized that it is alright to be different. So, then I just wanted to be in a coma when I was in pain and things were really wrong. Just put me in a coma and things will be better when I come to. I am different from many people, I have several mental disorders that have changed my life in a major way. And I have tried to die. I am glad I am alive, I have found a reason to live. It is my reason. You would have to find your own reason. And I am willing to talk with you further if you need help overcoming what you have been through. Hope you can reach out and get help.

I have those days too :(

you need to let other people in your life and enjoy thier company

Cheer up!

OMG, you wrote that the day the world was about to end, are you psychic? No, you're lovely & a bit silly, quite sexy too it would seem from your posts, so look on the bright side, seek out reasons for living, enjoy every day whatever occurs & be HAPPY! :-)

I have felt that way also and some days more than others until one day I acted on it. It didn't work but if just made me want to get it right the next time. I would like to get together with someone who would assist me so that I could be assured that it would work.

You should never hate yourself and you shouldn't see yourself as a freak.