Fustrated, Lonely And Tired

Hello, my name is Renee, I dislike who I am and often times I find myself unworthy to be around the people who love me. I feel lonely all the time, I am always putting myself down so much that it affects my relationships. I cry all the time and can't stop. I belittle myself constantly with suicidal thoughts. Doing so isn't something I'd actually consider doing because I know there are better ways, but through this forum; I'm only able to let these feelings out. I feel so alone, useless and pathetic, but I'm so tired. Please, can there be given advice?
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renee your so young every weekend should be a new adventure going out meeting new people you know sometimes the people your around bring you to a point of a funk so change that new friends new hang outs new hair do live it up enjoy life take one day at a time and be positive get rid of all the negative around you.

Hi Renee I understand where you come from but would like to point out this to you... thoughts become things i.e. think about what you're thinking about! You have to realize that your thoughts determine your speech and your actions. You become what you think about. I suggest seeking a trustworthy counsellor that can help you set S.M.A.R.T. goals and help you to think solution oriented on purpose. You are created for a purpose and you deserve to tap into maximum potential and be happy completely.

Hello Renee! Just one and very simple thing, it is easier said than done. Such moments come in life when one starts to question his/her own existence. Indulge yourself in activities that have a greater impact on your thoughts and the people around you. You can start working out, reading books, helping out with the household chores and stuff like that. And last but not the least, keep a healthy diet.

It happens to me even..Sometimes sharing our feelings with friends can unburden us..bt that doesnt work every time..people can shw u a path only..bt its u who will decide whether u want to go through that path...ur weakness should nt master u,u should master it..dnt underesteemate urself..it leads u nowhere..just be strong...

As long as you're here, there is always room for improvement. I agree some others with finding a new hobby thing in order to discover more of yourself of what you might potentially love doing. Try something new. And just like one of the person said in here, it's a journey. Take baby steps. If you want to make it through the day, I suggest you THINK POSITIVE to yourself when you start your day consistently in order to build that good spirit habit. Otherwise, you won't go anywhere if you keep thinking negative of yourself saying you're worthless and pathetic. Believe in negativity and things will come true so think the opposite way. Anyways good luck to you.

Renee, i can understand where you're coming from, as i've been there too. Depression hurts like hell where it matters most, and the best way to cope with it is to find something that makes you happy. If WoW hadnt come into my life when it did, i probably wouldnt have made it to my 17th birthday. WoW was my crutch for a while, then i realized that the depression was almost all gone. Still i get thoughts of taking the easy way out, but its very rare and only in times where a person would normally think like that (high stress situations such as the death of a close one, best friend moving away, etc). I would also recommend staying the hell away from stress for a while. Take a week off from work/school, stay at home, and do low stress stuff such as watch tv, play a video game, go smoke ur brains out in the backyard, anything that YOU want to do.

I used to feel sad, negative thoughts all the time. What helped me out was when I began my own personal self-improvement journey. It's a sounds a bit corny, but its true. I read positivity and motivational quotes online (they're everywhere btw), and started researching how to improve career skills, goal setting, and time management. These are all things you should look into. It may help. Well, these are what drastically helped me with my own depression, I don't really know you but maybe...

That is good advice, but I wouldn't know where to start in regards to my goals and career path. How did you know what you wanted?

Keep in mind that I'm still a kid, i have no major motives in my life but to stay in school and follow a career path. Once i make those goals i can make my own choices in life because i won't be depending on anyone but myself

And all this time i though i was alone...i completely understand how u feel...i feel the same exact way everyday...i have cried in my room for hours at a time wanting to kill myself because i was never good enough to be accepted by anyone and so heartbroken that i began to hate more than myself...but love in general...even suicidal since i was 8 years old, matter of fact, the only reason I'm still here is because i was stubborn...i keep telling myself there's something at the end of the tunnel and i think you can do that too

Although I may have suicidal thoughts, I could never get myself to do it. I do believe there must be something at the end of the tunnel, but they key is how do I get through with a different perspective?

Listen to what your heart tells you. Try your hardest to keep thoughts positive even when the most horrible things happen. the whole light at the end of the tunnel is a metaphor saying keep your head up. But there's an extension to the saying: "But too close to the light and you may get burned" so i would say try and keep a balance between it

Also do and be part of something you believe like a talent or a hobby =D

I have been force to feel like that still feel it but i ignore it that is it making me sick!!!. just do something you don't normally do try something new. just think you are going to have a good day and then the next it will be even better. get a pet someone who feels appreciative from you. Be apperceive. most of the times i sound like a hypocrite because i am feel the same way without telling anyone.
also be more assertive with what you want. you can do it

I feel like this a lot, and whether or not we're feeling it for the same or different reasons the main thing to keep in mind is that today might be so horrible you want to jump off a bridge---but that only means there will be a day you feel like you're flying. Maybe not tomorrow, but there will be a good day.
I try to occupy myself with things that keep me focused, and keep my mind off my worries. I draw a lot. When I draw I'm more concerned with shading and proportion than I am about why I hate myself. Try to find something that keeps your mind off the pain until you hit that good day.

i have all those feelings to, i had a friend kill himself 20 years ago, and because i was part of the mess he left behind and because i saw how it destroyed his family i swore to myself now matter how **** life gets and believe me, right now its ****, i would never end it. xx sending you a massive hug

I'm here for you I know how you feel or should I say I knew see I used to hate myself really badly but when I got out of my relationship I only had myself so I began to do things I loved. I associated with family and friends and helped others and did a lot of thinking and a lot of feeling and found out why I hated myself and why that reason was flawed. Sometimes all people need is someone to listen to them and be there for them. Once I was able to see all the good things about my life I began to immerse myself in them and focus on others instead of thinking about only my feelings I did things so that I could like myself by being more independent and reliant on me. I began to not focus on how I thought about myself all the time and instead focused on other things that had nothing to do with me. I did good things for others and by doing these two things I was finally able to accept myself for who I am.

It sounds like such a hard thing to do, I'm surrounded by people who love me, yet I have this empty feeling inside, and I fear they will someday realize im not worth being around and dump me as a wife, friend, daughter, etc. It seems Im always messing up, noting I do is right, I'm at an dead end job, no career goals, no skills, poor social communication, lack of luster. I feel like when I do stuff for people, it's never good enough, and my endless cycle continues. But I am trying to work through these issues because I am tired of feeling this way. I can't seem to be acknowledged of these feelings by those around me, they pass it off and make me feel even more idiotic.